Costs & In-Home Estimates

In Home House Cleaning cost estimates from Lazydays Firm prices are based upon a professional, in-home visit to asses your individual needs.  Below is an estimation and each house may vary.  We will gladly work with you to accomplish your objectives.  We have the exact service to match your exact needs & budget to attain a beautifully clean home!


Each home, its overall condition, and your requirements & expectations will determine final cost.  The minimum charge to serve you is $40.  

In Home House Cleaning cost estimates from LazydaysOur Upkeep service will maintain your home in a fresh, clean condition and works ideally when completed weekly or biweekly basis.  Here, we focus on clean floors, kitchens, dusting and  bathrooms, while rotating in additional tasks (see Alternating Detail).

The Deep Clean service is a thorough, detailed cleaning of your home, typically involving 'catch-up' work.  We normally recommend starting with a Deep Clean, followed by a regular Upkeep.

The Alternating Detail service ensures that the details which need periodic attention such as baseboards, door frames or cabinetry, are attended to regularly.


Below is an approximation and final price is provided via consultation with our staff.  Costs are affected by cleaning frequency, the size and the condition of each home. 

Our custom programs can limit costs to a 'small house' price yet be a fairly large home.  First time Deep Clean costs can vary greatly; Upkeep costs shown assume a weekly clean.


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Save $50*

$20 off initial cleaning, $10 off next three

*Applies to new accounts only.